What am I doing here

I can’t say that I have grand ambitions on this blog. But I do have some things that I want to focus on. I think you can expect this blog to have three main categories:

  • General interest. These will be things that I find interesting and want to share. This will be news stories, political comments, interesting bits of software, books, and whatever comes out of the grab-bag that is my interests.
  • Business and entrepreneurship: one of my ongoing interests these days is entrepreneurship. How does one establish and build a business? How are new businesses funded? What strange business ideas do I have today? You’ll see some of this.
  • Happiness projects: I endeavor to be happy. In recent years, I have begun to realize that my own happiness is of paramount importance to me (surprise!). I have found that issues in this area extend to diet, exercise, spirituality, supplement intake, how I think about and approach life in general, and basically every day-to-day experience that I can think of.

I am sure that as time goes on this might change, but for now, expect me to focus on these areas.

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  1. Adnaan Says:

    What a wonderful seisson! The lighting, the color, the family all magic.I esp. love the middle picture of the sleeping newborn. It reminds me of a mermaid. I’m curious about the bottles filled with sand on the shelf. Any idea the story behind the bottles? Are they collected from different beaches that they’ve visited as a family? Any idea where the mom got those bottles? I’m thinking of doing something similar for our various beach vacations.

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