Reposting from a friend of mine.

Because I have nothing original to say, but I am compelled to start writing here at least semi-regularly…

this sounds like great fun.

My favorite paragraph:

“We’ve had a few mutinies in the past,” Victor Navasky, the former publisher of The Nation, who has been on all 10 Nation cruises, told me. “Like the year Christopher Hitchens, at a morning panel, plunked a bottle of whiskey down on the table and made a joke about Princess Di that some passengers thought was sexist. So the passengers organized a women’s caucus to redress the gender imbalance on the panels.”

Only liberals mutiny by organizing a caucus…

Thanks J.

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  1. Jodie Says:

    Agreed. I am a voracious rdeaer of Editorial pages; if you don’t see the front page of NYT or WSJ in the lobby, I’ve probably been there. For years now I’ve made it a point to read Cynthia Tucker/Thomas Friedman/and Maureen Dowd, first. I cannot think of anything more repulsive to my senses but I like to constantly challenge and nuance my political views to get them as sharp as possible. There isn’t any other way than reading/listening to the other side’s perspective.Something else wonderful happens too. The people that my side normally demonizes become real people in my mind, with real concerns and emotions. I don’t view them as faceless, immoral devils hell-bent on sucking the life blood from my wallet while I sleep. They REALLY believe what they’re saying and they’re motivated by the same thing that motivates my views: to see the best for the country and its people. Just like “How to win friends” or “30 Methods of influence”, knowing the other side of the argument makes it easier to influence a person’s thoughts and even “turn” them to your viewpoint. I’ve found remarkable success in turning “undecideds” to my way of thinking by cutting a sympathetic figure of the other side. I don’t demonize the opposition or shout bumper-sticker rhetoric and this makes all the difference. I’m impressed though, I don’t think I could sit through Hillary’s book. You’re a better man than I am. : )

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