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Overall market indicators of my personal satisfaction are improving year by year

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

I’ve realized recently that the last 2-3 years of my life have seen dramatic overall improvement. This is marked by at least the following three significant changes/factors:

  • A shift away from cynicism: I no longer immediately attempt to find the fault in things. Instead, I evaluate strengths and weaknesses to identify value and limitations
  • A shift from observing to doing: For a long time I have watched the world. Reading blogs, watching movies, attending meetings, whatever. Lately, I find that I want to participate. I realized that all of the interesting people I read about and know have one significant thing in common: they are doing things. I no longer even think that it maters so much what exactly you do, so ling as you participate actively.
  • General shift towards thinking positively: This falls in with the shift away from cynicism, and marks my own general change in perspective and attitude away from my former default negativity and into a mode of thinking positively. How I think about events, issues, people, and even myself has a profound impact on the way I feel and on my level of motivation in general.

It’s funny how a thing gets into your blood

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

When I am away from the mountains, I miss them. It is a sad, uneasy, restless sort of feeling.

I’ve spent so long with them right beside me and now I can not see them at all. I’ve been ripped away.

At home, they are always there. A constant unchanging fact. Something that I never think about until they are gone. And once away, I realize how much a part of me they have become. And I a part of them.

Oh, how easily I take things for granted.

But I am strong.

I will adapt. I will learn. I will live.